Hellas House Experience

Hellas House is a Culture and Lifestyle Center which introduces a new dimension in the cultural landscape of Shanghai. This exclusive Global Leaders’ Club serves the purposes of a Cultural Exchange Center, operating as a sanctuary of Greek Culture, Gastronomy and Hospitality, aiming to positively influence the world. Hellas House epitomizes the spirit of Greece in China, built on four pillars that comprise a holistic approach to personal betterment: Mind, Body, Environment and Nutrition.


Get to know Greece, the cradle of ancient civilization, a land of philosophers, scientists and artists who left a legacy of positive thinking and strong mindset.


The ancient Greek Olympic heritage promoted physical strength and stamina, discipline, energy and balance. A strong mind and body ensure a healthier life.


Our Mansion boasts welcoming surroundings and functional open spaces while reflecting the influences of Greece, Old Europe and Shanghai.


Hellas House invites guests to adopt a nutrition based on the world renowned Mediterranean diet to achieve a healthy, happy life.

Hellas House is inspired by a holistic approach to personal betterment, based on the Hellenic legacy that engages the Mind, Body, Environment and Nutrition to promote one’s well-being. We strongly believe that the two most important aspects in human life are: Health & Happiness. We refer to them simply as ‘H’ and we are passionate advocates of their benefits. Having privileged access to the legendary source of those four core elements in our homeland -Hellas- we have made it our mission to share H -the Greek holistic experience- in China, towards empowering a healthier and happier life.

Guests are invited to step into this stately mansion in Shanghai and enter an authentic world of Greek experiences. Hellas House offers a unique opportunity to interact with the Hellenic civilization -one of the world’s most ancient- and experience the true spirit of Greece in China.

Our Founder

Hellas House is the culmination of its founders’ vision, Sophia and Pavlos Kontomichalos, who aimed to establish a landmark hub in Asia, showcasing the epitome of Greek Culture, Hospitality and Gastronomy. Pavlos Kontomichalos, founder and CEO of Hellas Group, is a Greek entrepreneur who has lived and worked in China for many years. In a bid to bring the best of his beloved Greece to China, he envisioned an establishment that would convey the Hellenic spirit to Shanghai, attracting leaders, business persons and entrepreneurs from around the globe.


Hellas House is the newest member of the Hellas Group, an integrated group of remarkable companies that provide a cultural link between Greece and China. The group was created with the aim to spread, preserve and encourage the integration of the Greek culture along with all its dimensions into the global landscape.

At Hellas Group, our vision is to entice individuals from around the world to fall in love with Greece.

We aim to become our country’s “brand ambassadors”, making the best of Greece available to an international audience, while offering the highest standards of Greek hospitality and the finest Greek products. More about the group and its companies can be found on our website

Greece at a Glance

There is no place on earth like Greece (Hellas). This blessed land combines ancient history, philosophy and wisdom with art, natural beauty and geographical diversity. The capital city, Athens, attracts millions of tourists who wish to admire the crown jewel of ancient civilization, world renowned Acropolis. Greece is also famous for its warm hospitality, vibrant lifestyle and culinary tradition. The supreme taste of local gastronomic delicacies and fine wines proves why Dionysus, god of winemaking and wine, was born in this land. Besides, the country’s strong legacy of wellness is based on the famous Mediterranean diet comprising gourmet traditional products and gifts of the earth.

The country’s stunning natural beauty is highlighted by the serenity of the Aegean Sea. World travelers experience each year the splendor of islands like the spectacular Santorini, one of the world’s top destinations for unique holidays and unforgettable, once in a lifetime, dream weddings. Visitors who fall in love with this place soon realize that Greece is by no accident the birthplace of Eros, the ancient god of love.

Hellas House brings to you the treasures of Greek gastronomy through HOW, an authentic retail experience store located in our Shanghai mansion. Here, guests may enjoy the gifts of Greek Nature (pure honey, aromatic herbs, superior quality olives and olive oil, fine Greek wines from native varieties and natural mineral water from fresh mountain springs). And should they wish to move a step further towards learning the basics of authentic Greek cooking, our Elaion Open Kitchen delivers cooking lessons upon request.

For those who wish to live the full experience of Greece and its magnificent islands like Santorini, Hellas House offers opportunities for luxury travel to Greece via MY ODYSSEY and memorable holidays at EROSANTORINI. Our luxury travel company lets you customize your trip of a lifetime to Greece and enjoy the landmarks, natural beauty and gastronomic gifts that Greece has to offer. You may even schedule your desired activities, including the arrangement of your wedding and honeymoon on Santorini island. EROSANTORINI is an astonishing and sophisticated exclusive-use estate, with five independent suites. Nestled in a magical setting, it will make your dream come true, materializing a Greek wedding/honeymoon experience of a lifetime. And if your wedding ceremony takes place on this magical island, our experienced wedding planning team is ready to organize a Greek themed wedding reception at the sensational Eros Garden of Hellas House for a memorable wedding event in one of Shanghai’s most charming gardens.